A Man Finds An Abandoned Dog In The Snow – Then Suddenly He Starts Barking At A Bush

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On a cold winter’s evening, Mark walks home from work on a snow-covered street. As he walks down the deserted street, he notices a small dog in the snow, whimpering and shivering.

A dog lying in snow

The dog looks up at Mark with pitiful eyes, as if he was abandoned. Mark decides to walk with the dog. As they walk, the dog barks at a bush nearby. Mark was wary of what he might find in the bushes. He was sure that it was something dangerous, which was why the animal had been so aggressive.

A snowstorm

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A dog in the snow

As he neared the bush, he caught a glimpse of what was inside and quickly ripped it open. He was surprised at first the he understood why the dog brought him to the bush. The snowfall had caused a great deal of disruption to the city, and Mark had been fortunate enough to have his work within walking distance. No one should be out in the cold, yet Mark was about to encounter an unfortunate creature that had been out.

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