11 Cringe Worthy Wedding Photos

    It\’s your big day. The sun is shining. The birds are singing. The love of your life is waiting for you at the altar. You trip on your way down the aisle. AWKWARD. Even on the most planned and manicured day of our lives awkward moments happen and we all go through them at some point! We want to take you through our gallery of our 18 favorite most awkward wedding photos.

    1/11 Chicken Dance

    Chicken Dance

    Cock a doodle…I do? There are many cultures around the world and many ways to celebrate love and the joining of two lives. For this couple, apparently hurling raw, whole chickens from a bridge during the ceremony is tradition for cleansing the marriage of bad spirits. 

    2/11 Shopping For Love

    Grocery Store
    Daily Mail

    We often find love when we least expect it. For these two, it seems it was at the local grocery market. They decided to return to the place that brought them together for their wedding photos and get some snapshots amongst the romance of the fresh produce and pre-packaged goods. We don\’t blame \’em, this place looks like it has killer deals!

    3/11 Pit Stop

    Pit Stop
    Daily Mail

    On every bride\’s big day, she wants to look, feel, and SMELL flawless. This requires the help of a team of incredible ladies. Here it looks like the ladies could be making a quick pit stop to check for fresh pits. Or, the loyal ladies are just giving their bride a quick good luck kiss on the biceps. Regardless, some awesome photographer was around to capture this questionable moment.

    4/11 Mentally Prepared

    Mentally Prepared
    Daily Greatest

    This couple looks super happy to have received their…marriage license? Apparently the building offers marriage licenses and mental help. We wonder if they did that on purpose…Hopefully neither bride nor groom will be back in the future to visit the latter of the two!

    5/11 Center of Attention

    Center of Attention

    While the couple is in the spotlight on their wedding day, we all know that it\’s usually the bride that steals the show. This bride clearly wanted to be the center of attention, serving a cake designed after her and her decorative dress. We wonder if there\’s another cake designed after the groom?

    6/11 Happily Ever After

    Happily Ever After
    Curious Mag

    If you\’ve been lucky enough to find “the one”, you\’ve been lucky enough to experience in laws. Sometimes they\’re great, sometimes you have a hard time getting along with them. We are wondering if this is what\’s happening with this happy couple. In this photo, they look like two perfect peas in a pod, but some onlookers in the background don\’t look so happy for their union.

    7/11 Marrying McDonalds

    Marrying McDonalds

    We know fast food is popular here in America, but these people took it to the next level having a McDonald\’s themed wedding. Burgers, fries, soda, and…yes, clowns made their big day everything they\’ve ever dreamed of. To each his own.

    8/11 Gas Station Infatuation

    Gas Station Infatuation

    A photographer stumbled across this cringe worthy scene. A wedding reception at a gas station in Greece. We don\’t have much back story on the decision making behind the venue. Maybe the lovers locked eyes while pumping gas one day and decided to celebrate at the location where they found that love at first sight was real?

    9/11 Upside Down

    Upside Down

    This couple loved each other so much, EARTH wasn\’t big enough to contain their love. Virgin Atlantic is now offering tourist space flights and you can actually wed your significant other among the stars. Talk about over the top! (or moon?). 

    10/11 Winter Wedding

    Antarctic Wedding

    This wedding actually looks pretty cool. Literally. This couple has decided to have their wedding all the way down in Antarctica with the penguins, snow, and undoubtedly freezing temperatures. We\’re sure that this wedding was one for the books, but the penguins may have been the only guests at the ceremony.

    11/11 For Better or For Worse

    Probably one of THE craziest wedding venues out there…this couple decided to take it one step further and tie the knot in an actual shark diving cage with wild sharks. We can only imagine what the rest of this couple\’s adventures will be like!


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