When Is It Time To Have The First Baby?

    The question that every teen girl starts asking themselves, the thing that every young and middle aged women think about, “When is it best to get pregnant?”, “When shall I become a mother?”.Men do think about it too, but only at around the age of 20 the first time. But when is it time to have the first baby?

    Pregnant woman

    There will never be a situation in your life, where you will be a 100% sure that it is the right time. There will always be struggles, so the only one who can decide if it\’s time is you. There are some things to consider though, let\’s quickly go through them.

    Deciding to have a baby at your early 20s can be a great decision, your body is in a great form, every month there is a 20-25% chance of getting pregnant, the baby comes easy. However you being in your 20s generally means that the relationship with your loved one is only 1-2 years long, you might not be really mature and your financial situation is also not at its peak.

    These are the main reasons why people generally decide to become parents in their early 30s. If they waited longer, higher blood pressure, or diseases like diabetes could pose a greater threat for the baby and the mother. By your early 30s your relationship with your loved one must be deep and your financial background should be stable. Conceiving is still rather easy and your body is still in a relatively good shape for pregnancy.

    Pregnancy after your late 30s poses a greater health risk than anytime before. It is still possible, but even the possibility of getting pregnant stagnates around 5% per month. We strongly suggest consulting with a doctor in such cases.

    Note that if you would like to have more than 2 children, you should plan the first one around your late 20s.


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