2018 Most Shocking And Scandalous Celebrity Moments

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2018 was full of so much drama. It’s hard to keep up with the lives of these celebrities sometimes. Well, that’s why we’re here to spread the juice. From painful breakups to offensive tweets, as well as the most difficult secrets to keep. These celebrities really had us on a roller coaster of incredible and scandalous moments. Let’s see a few celebrity moments.

1/18. Kylie Jenner\’s big reveal


The Kardashian-Jenner clan welcomed Kylie’s baby Stormi on February 1st 2018 and she made the big reveal on February 4th 2018 taking all her fans by surprise. Her big reveal was accompanied by a heart-warming message to her fans on social media as well as a short documentary of her pregnancy journey. However, I must commend them for successfully keeping the celebrity moments of her pregnancy a secret. This is because, it’s almost impossible to have a private life as a celebrity.

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