17 Ludicrous Laws

    The law is here to keep us safe and sound, but sometimes…safety seems to get a little silly. There\’s some legislation out there that seems like it was made for children, by children. Why were some of these ludicrous laws put into place? We\’re not really sure, but we do want to take you down the hilarious road of some of the most ridiculous laws that exist in our country today.

    1/17 Weather Modification

    Snow Brain

    Apparently now we have the technology to modify the weather. Well, in Colorado, you must obtain a permit to do so. Some resorts burn silver iodide which stimulates precipitation and fresh powder. The need to require a permit ensures that agencies performing weather modification are practicing environmentally friendly procedures. 

    2/17 Dwarf Tossing

    Dwarf Tossing
    Cell Code

    Florida is known for it\’s many ludicrous laws and crazy things that happen there. One interesting law in place in the Sunshine State is the prohibition of dwarf tossing contests in restaurants and bars. Any person or establishment caught participating in a competitive dwarf tossing contest will be cited and fined $1000.

    3/17 Pig Greasing

    Greased Pig
    Times Daily

    Apparently, in some parts of our beloved country, a popular sport is to chase and capture a grease or oiled pig. Well, in Minnesota, they will be having none of that. The contest has been outlawed and if caught of the act of pig greasing, can be punishable by a fine. This also goes for turkey scrambling. 

    4/17 Xnay The X-ray

    Shoe Fitting
    The Telegraph

    In Nevada, if you want to know your shoe size, you better do it the old fashion way…Or I guess just a different way. The shoe fitting fluoroscope, or X-ray shoe fitting machine, was built in 1922 and has since been made illegal to use in the state of Nevada. Apparently, the great state doesn\’t want you exposed to radiation, and if found using the fluoroscope, you can be charged with a misdemeanor. 

    5/17 Ludicrous Littering


    Oregon is a beautiful state. And to keep it beautiful, they simply ask residents and visitors to refrain from throwing containers of human waste on the roadside. Leaving a container of urine or fecal matter is considered a Class A misdemeanor. While we don\’t think this is totally ludicrous because littering is horrible (especially when…feces are involved), we are wondering why this even had to be stated in the first place. 

    6/17 Miss Guided

    The Salt Lake Tribune

    In Utah it is absolutely prohibited to hurl a missile at a bus. UNLESS, you are a peace officer or security personnel. Again, this makes total sense. In no way should anyone go around hurling missiles at anyone or anything, however, why does this need to be stated to the general public?

    7/17 Forgoing Ferrets

    Exotic Direct

    This ludicrous law is a head scratcher. In West Virginia, don\’t you dare try to substitute a hunting dog for one of these furry little noodles. If you do catch wild game using your ferret as your secondhand man, you\’ll be looking at fines up to $500 and up to 100 days in jail.

    8/17 Deep In The Heart Of Texas

    Entrepreneur Shiply

    We know everything is bigger in Texas, and so is the ridiculousness of their legislation. In the Lone Star State it is illegal to sell your eyeballs, or eyeballs in general. We don\’t know if this was common practice back in the day, but we wonder what happened to require the passing of a law such as this. 

    9/17 No Jokey Karaoke

    Bourbon Street

    Now this ludicrous law just seems unfair. In North Carolina, at some point, a law against singing off key was passed and is still in effect today. While this might be doing the general public a favor, some people can\’t help their…lack of musical talent. 

    10/17 No Donkey Business

    Peninsula Travel

    In Arizona, there is a strict no donkey sleeping in the bathtub policy. This stems from an incident in the 1920\’s where a flood swept a donkey from a bathtub one time and sparked an intense search and rescue operation. Since then, donkeys have been forbidden from snoozing in the tub.

    11/17 Bouncing Around

    Food Network

    In Connecticut, one must bounce. If you are a pickle, that is. In the 1800s, cucumbers were wrongly labeled and sold as pickles and the disaster really struck a chord with the people of Connecticut. Shortly after the incident, a law was passed that a pickle may only be labeled a picked if it can properly bounce. This law is still in effect. Connecticut, land of the bouncing pickles. 

    12/17 Pizza Politics


    Surprise! It\’s illegal to send pizza to an unknowing customer in the state of Louisiana. Receiving a surprise pizza mind sound like the best day, but it\’s actually a very harrowing situation in the Bayou State. The sender may be fined up to $500. We\’re wondering if the lucky recipient gets to keep the pizza though…

    13/17 Dirty Deeds

    dirty tire
    RisCassi & Davis

    If you plan on driving through Minnesota soon, do a thorough check on the state of your tires. And we don\’t mean the functionality of them. Minnesota considers dirty tires to be a public nuisance, so you better get those tires clean or you could be looking a fine.

    14/17 Battle Of The Bears

    Bear Wrestling
    The Goodr Times

    This ludicrous law really makes us wonder how crazy people actually are. In Missouri there is actually a law against wrestling bears. Apparently pro-wrestlers combating large bears became a fad. This was outlawed in 1998 due to animal cruelty issues. 

    15/17 Say No To Netflix

    Shape Singapore

    We may all be a little guilty of this one. In Tennessee, it is illegal to share your Netflix password. This law was passed to prevent hackers from selling log-in info in bulk, but it  is also directed at those who are simply sharing passwords with others who don\’t live in the same household as them.

    16/17 Trick Or…Stay Home

    Trick Or Treat

    Taking the fun out of Halloween really early, persons over the age of twelve aren\’t allowed to go trick or treating in the Old Dominion. It seems as though in Virginia older children and young adults were taking advantage of Halloween and wreaking havoc on communities. People over the age of twelve are also not allowed to wear masks in public. 

    17/17 Safety For Sasquatch

    Flickr Hive Mind

    We\’re happy to hear that In Washington some serious pro-wildlife laws are being passed. In at least two different counties it is illegal to poach Sasquatch. According to Reader\’s Digest, Whatcom County declared the first official Bigfoot Protection Zone in 1991. In Skamania County it is a $1000 fine for “Bigfoot poaching”.


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