21 DIY And Ready To Buy Dog Costumes

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It\’s almost impossible not to love an adorable, furry, four-legged friend. Dogs are man\’s best friend for a reason, always able to put a smile on the grumpiest of faces and cheer up the saddest of souls. Put them in a costume and the hilarity and entertainment multiplies by one hundred. Check out our list of the twenty most amusing, creative, and fun dog costume ideas for your next shindig.

1/21 I Am The Walrus

Dog In Walrus Costume

This pooch looks a little shocked to be dressed as a walrus, but then again, that is the typical look of the French bulldog. Dressed as one of the largest pinnipeds and one of the deepest diving marine mammals, this little frenchie is sure to rock the town in his new set of flippers. 

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