Easy: this is how you clean pet vomit from your carpet

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Dealing with your furry friend’s regurgitation can be an unpleasant task on its own. However, when the barf lands on your beautiful carpet, it transforms into a real headache. Not only does it leave unsightly stains and lingering odors, but removing every trace of vomit seems nearly impossible. But fear not! Follow these effortless techniques, and you’ll find that banishing your pet’s puke has never been easier!

Time is of the essence


When your furry companion leaves an unexpected surprise on the carpet, swift action is imperative. Angela Brown, renowned for her expertise on the ‘Ask a House Cleaner’ YouTube channel, emphasizes the significance of acting promptly. Brown warns, “Delayed cleanup of vomit can foster bacterial growth, leading to stubborn stains and odors embedded in the carpet.” Therefore, waste no time and follow the steps outlined below as soon as you stumble upon the unwelcome mess.

The perfect guideline

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Step 1
Start by grabbing a clean cloth and gently wipe away the unpleasant surprise. Ensure you diligently clean up the mess, leaving no trace behind. Once done, securely seal the cloth within a designated container for proper disposal.

Step 2
Next, acquire a fresh cloth and carefully absorb any remaining moisture. Employ a gentle dabbing motion to allow the cloth to absorb the liquid effectively, leaving the area clean and dry.

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