Easy: this is how you clean pet vomit from your carpet

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Let’s eliminate every stain and odor!

11 best ways to clean up vomit | Real Homes

Step 3
Ensure the stain’s demise with a potent stain- and odor-eliminator. Opt for one infused with enzymatic power, catering to both the stench and blemish. Remember, choose a product that poses no respiratory or toxicity threats to humans or pets,” cautions Brown. Moreover, verify its carpet-friendly nature to prevent any unwelcome discoloration aftermath. Once you’ve acquired the perfect remover, simply spritz the affected area, granting it a brief five to ten minutes of absorption time to work its magic.

Your carpet will be grateful!

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Step 4
Swiftly snatch another sheet of tissue and gently press it onto the affected spot. This ingenious move ensures the absorption of any lingering liquid.

Step 5
The ultimate surprise awaits as you patiently await your carpet’s full recovery. Once it’s utterly dry, wield your trusty vacuum cleaner and watch in awe as it erases all traces of the incident, leaving no evidence behind. It’s like magic!

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