Man’s Prank Caused Trouble After Listing His Girlfriend On Ebay

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Dale and his eBay girlfriend

If you were to write a book about “the best things not to do on the internet,” this story would probably be on the front page. Dale Leeks, whose attempt to exact revenge on his lover went badly, is the villain of this tale. This man, whose Facebook job description reads “A full-time legend,” rose to fame online after choosing to sell Kelly, his girlfriend, at auction. He had no idea that his practical joke would ultimately work in his favor.


The story’s characters

Dale and his girlfriend

Dale isn’t a “full-time legend.” He works as a landscaper and is close friends with Kelly Greaves, who heads a heating company. They had been friends for 10 years before they decided to date. Being so close, they were aware of each other’s shortcomings, and Greaves was aware that her partner enjoyed playing practical jokes on people. Fortunately, she laughed and found them funny.


A two-way street

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Describing her relationship with Leeks for CTVNews, Kelly Greaves said, “I think we have very similar personalities. We’re both very fast and smart.” It was simply another typical day in Kelly’s life; other ladies when subjected to these continual practical jokes and pranks will not handle it well. “I think I’m one of the few who manages to get a decent rake.” But will the next prank test her limits?


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