These animals objected to having their photos taken.

Being a wildlife photographer is one of the most fulfilling careers. You get to enjoy nature while photographing some of the most stunning creatures on the planet. Some animals enjoy striking a pose for the camera. They are prepared for their fifteen minutes of fame. Others are quiet and reserved and would rather remain hidden. However, if concealment doesn’t suffice, they must act decisively. These are the greatest shots of animals that didn’t care about the camera and took action. With amusing outcomes, they obstructed the photographers.

What Are You Doing?

Cheetah photographer

Up until the arrival of the cheetah, everything was going according to plan for the photographer. He had to stay still, staring through the camera. This peaceful kitten can switch into big cat mode at any moment’s notice. Right now, everything is safe so long as he just stays put.

There’s always a potential that this cheetah will turn to face the camera out of pure curiosity. She might simply want to see what that weird human is up to as cats are naturally curious animals. Does he intend to find more cheetahs? This cat’s curiosity won’t be its demise, that much is certain.

A Camera Built For Two

Fox checking camera

This fox was curious after observing a photographer looking through some of his photographs. Have you ever tried to capture a fox on camera? If they even manage to be photographed, they are certainly unique creatures! It’s never a given. He wants to make sure he looks his best because we believe he was the center of the photographs. Although possibly tempted by snacks, this participant is prepared to seize the camera and flee if the outcome is unsatisfactory.

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