These animals objected to having their photos taken.

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Avoid Taking The Photo!


A humorous wildlife photographer can be seen attempting to capture some beautiful images of seals on the beach, then one sneaked up behind him. He’s currently stuck between a seal and a hard place, unsure of what to do.

He can only laugh at the predicament the seal has put him in because there is no way out. He was fortunate to have a companion with him who took pictures of his attempts to record the wildlife. When he meets the rest of his team at the hotel, he at least has a fascinating tale to tell.

Cutest Distraction Ever

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Baby cheetah

Try to convince me you wouldn’t be upset if you couldn’t capture the photo of the cheetah. We have to set the camera down and play with it. Who would dare object? We’re safe as long as his mother doesn’t appear.

We will respond like the photographer in the first image and stop moving when she emerges from the bushes. It’s not our fault; especially with this tiny fluff monster!

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