What Your Dog Breed Says About Your Personality

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Furry, four-legged, fluffy, and some of our favorite companions. Dogs. Humans poor and rich, young and old enjoy the company of a canine friend. With approximately 339 recognized breeds of domesticated canines by the world\’s largest registry of dog breeds, the World Canine Organization, there is a furry, four-legged friend out there to fit every personality. So, what does your dog breed say about you? Well, we are here to let you know!

1/15 Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd
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Australian shepherds are a popular dog breed for their colorful and beautiful coats. But that isn\’t all they have to offer. These pups are constantly looking for something to get into and ready for adventure and to learn something new. They are tirelessly playful and have boundless energy. So, we can only imagine what that says about their owners!

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