What Your Dog Breed Says About Your Personality

    Furry, four-legged, fluffy, and some of our favorite companions. Dogs. Humans poor and rich, young and old enjoy the company of a canine friend. With approximately 339 recognized breeds of domesticated canines by the world\’s largest registry of dog breeds, the World Canine Organization, there is a furry, four-legged friend out there to fit every personality. So, what does your dog breed say about you? Well, we are here to let you know!

    1/15 Australian Shepherd

    Australian Shepherd
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    Australian shepherds are a popular dog breed for their colorful and beautiful coats. But that isn\’t all they have to offer. These pups are constantly looking for something to get into and ready for adventure and to learn something new. They are tirelessly playful and have boundless energy. So, we can only imagine what that says about their owners!

    2/15 Golden Retriever

    Golden Retriever

    Golden and gallivanting, golden retrievers are really one of a kind. And it takes a special kind of human to see that! These pups are incredibly loyal, as are their owners, and will do just about anything to please the ones they care about. Often times you will find that golden retriever owners are very empathetic. 

    3/15 Pit Bull

    Devian Art

    Unfortunately, this dog breed tends to have a bad rep. However, one mustn\’t listen to other\’s opinions. Pit bulls are very loving, loyal, and playful pups. People who own these commonly stereotyped canines are usually very open minded, accepting, and let\’s be honest, true heroes.

    4/15 Labrador Retriever

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    If you know labrador retrievers, you know that they are, well…playful. These curious canines are the perfect companions for various activities and life in general! Their owners tend to share the same characteristics. Getting along with just about anybody and always a team player, labs and their companions are the most social of creatures. 

    5/15 Chihuahua

    House Crazy

    Chihuahuas are a dog breed that have a rep for being high maintenance and, well, needy. While these dogs do require attention and care (like any pooch!), they aren\’t necessitous as perceived. And neither are their owners. Chihuahuas and their humans alike are typically easy to get along with, sympathetic, and prepared for whatever! 

    6/15 Husky

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    Huskies are known for their adorable vocalizations and fuzzy coats. As for their owners, they are usually people who are very strong willed and typically take leadership positions. These people, just like their doggos, like to spend time frolicking outdoors. 

    7/15 Beagle


    Studies show that a high percentage of beagle owners show characteristics of emotionally stability and levelheadedness. These dogs themselves are outgoing, active, friendly, very laid-back, and super easy to train to do a multitude of behaviors.

    8/15 German Shepherd

    German Shepherd
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    German shepherds are often known for their status as police sidekicks. These dogs are easily trained, loyal, confident, and tough. Some statistics show that German shepherd owners can be on the strict, tough, or sometimes, even aggressive, side. 

    9/15 Great Dane

    Great Dane
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    Tall, lean…and a total couch machine… Great Dane\’s enjoy time outside, frolicking through the land and even make good beach dogs, but what they love even more is snuggling up on the couch being lazy with their person. Great Dane owners tend to be similar strong and silent types with a love for adventure but pure joy for lazy days.

    10/15 Boston Terrier

    Boston Terrier

    Boston terriers are enthusiastic and loving little creatures. People who own Boston terriers tend to be similar. Boston owners are often a sensitive folk with a knack for making friends and listening to others. These people, just like their pups, are often good at cheering people up and making them smile.

    11/15 Dachshund


    These little legged lugs are known for their spunky personalities, quirkiness, and love for being in the spotlight. Dachshund owners share similar personality traits, being unique, outgoing, and loving to go out and show off their playful pal. 

    12/15 Corgi


    If you\’re a corgi owner, you\’re probably a lot like your (awesome!) dog. You probably have lots of energy, a spunky attitude, and…LOVE to eat! You need to fuel all of that energy you have to burn! These dogs are the perfect companion for humans who feel the need for adventure and a good time, anytime. 

    13/15 Dalmatian

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    This breed isn\’t as common as it used to be, therefore, if you\’re a dalmatian owner you\’re probably a pretty rare breed yourself. People who own these dogs are very dedicated and loyal to others. They stick to their goals and are determined to succeed.

    14/15 Rottweiler

    Canna Pet

    Rottweilers are another breed that tend to get a bad rep, so people who own them might be mistaken for the same stigma. For being tough and combative. However, these dogs are gentle giants with very loving and kind personalities. The same may be said for their owners. 

    15/15 Mixed Breed

    Mixed Breed

    People who are drawn to mixed breeds may also be drawn to spontaneity, risk-taking, and new experiences. Always looking to try something unique and unusual, owners of mixed breeds and adopted pups are usually very open-minded and accepting.


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