Man shows up with gallons full of pennies

Otha Anders, a long-time customer of Origin Bank had paid an unusual visit to the bank on a Tuesday. He showed up to deposit a very large collection of pennies. Anders had to rent a truck to transport his gallons of pennies to the bank premises. It was an unusual sight to find a man drag in container after container—all loaded with pennies. He sought help from five assistants to help lift each water container of pennies. The staff wondered how long it will take to count loads of pennies.


A tale of how the pennies came about


There were fifteen water containers in total, each with a capacity of five gallons. The bank staff were quite astonished and wondered how he had stored up so many pennies. Otha Anders had called the bank earlier to inform its staff that he was bringing in his fortune to deposit. The senior vice-president, Ryan Kilpatrick, when interviewed by ABC News, had said, “It was shocking for sure. He has been collecting the pennies for years.”

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