Imagine the world from your cat’s point of view.

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I’ve noticed that, from time to time while browsing social media, my virtual friends post pictures of their house cats; at first I smiled at their sympathy—evident in the photos—but later on I started wondering what the cats were thinking when taking them so I’ve imagined what my cats might say in their everyday lives. Let’s see if you can relate!


My human friend seems upset about something.

Today my human friend seemed in a bad mood, so I flew around him to cheer him up. He wasn’t interested though and yelled at me for interrupting his phone call, which was rude—but then again he does that all the time!I’m hungry! My human friend is always busy playing with his phone and doesn’t notice when I’m hungry. He keeps telling me that the cat food is in the kitchen, but it’s not there—he must have moved it. Does he expect me to eat cheese?


My Human Friend Is Obsessed And I Should Immediately Disappear From Her Face 

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flying cat

As soon as my girlfriend showers me with my shampoo and then dries my beautiful hair with her soft towel until the endless kisses begin; I love her but this big splash of feelings after every shower I can’t stand it; She freaks me out, bent down on me with all her might, and begins to flirt with my beauty and the beauty of my mother, then I had no choice but to flee at once from her, and I was sure that she would follow me; Then flying is the solution. Mankind, how crazy they are!

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