A Single Mother Has Adopted a Baby Girl – And Then She Received Such Shocking News!

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This single mother was very happy with her son, but she felt the lack of something in her life. He wanted a baby girl and was aware that her only option was to adopt.

She had just taken her new daughter in her arms when she received terrible news. Her life would never be the same again!


Dana, 35, was preparing decorations for the birthday of her adopted daughter, 5-year-old Jessy. She adopted Jessy last year and has loved her very much ever since. Jessy was Ukrainian, she had been orphaned after a terrible accident suffered by her parents.

When Dana read her story on the Internet, she immediately decided that she wanted to give her a new home. “We need each other,” she kept saying that to Jessy.

That Tuesday, Dana’s house was flooded with birthday cards. She opened them all one by one with a big smile on her face…

That is, until she received a strange card that changed her life. A letter she would never forget!

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It was the only card that didn’t have an address on it. “It’s so strange,” Dana thought. “I wonder from whom?” It was a brownish envelope that looked like it had made a very long journey. The stamp on it also looked strange; it probably belonged to Eastern Europe.

She opened the envelope and took out the contents. The note on the envelope read as follows:

“If you’re reading this, please give my daughter back to me!”

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