10 Fulfilling Family Activities

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Coming up with creative programmes for the family can be quite challenging sometimes. Especially if you want to come up with something useful and what you can also enjoy. We have collected some activities that will hopefully make you and your family satisfied, happy and connected. Enjoy!

Happy family

Leaf Stamping

It is the same as collecting stamps, coins or anything. Except that it is cost free. Get a nice booklet for your children, some paint, and create something. Simply put some paint on the leaves, and stamp them on the pages. Everyone loves creating, you and your children feel happy and accomplished.

Visit Sport Matches

Choose your preferred sport and go root for your home team. Depending on the sport chosen, and the popularity of the sport in the country the tickets can be even cheap. However, if you wouldn\’t like to pay go watch the younger team play for free.

Try Different Cuisines

If you haven\’t tried many different cuisines then this is truly for you. As parents it is our responsibility to teach our children to be open to the world. This way you will not only be teaching them, but you can also pose as a role model for trying things out that you have never before.


Simply look up your local volunteering opportunities. Animal shelters are always seeking helping hands. Both children and you can feel happy about giving a helping hand where needed. Besides, helping a living creature together, will surely make some space for bonding.

Build a Garden Labyrinth

No, we aren\’t talking about big walls in your garden. Simply put down anything you find to make the outlines of the labyrinth, then tell your kids the rules and let the fun begin. Children usually love labyrinth games and you can find plenty of labyrinth plans online.

Treasure Hunt

Make a nice map of the local park or your garden and hide some instructions and finally a treasure. If the corners of the papers with the instructions and the map are a bit burnt and ripped, it\’s even better.

Take up a New Hobby

Taking up a new hobby can be a lifetime long joint activity. I would personally recommend something which is also healthy, like yoga, a common sport or going hiking. Make sure you assign a day for the activity and do it on a weekly basis. Doing it too often can often make the kids lose interest in it.

Play At Home

Simply have a nice family supper, clean the table, then let the fun begin. You can play different card games and board games. If your children are younger, stick to more simple games where luck and rolling the dice decides the winner.

Visit The Zoo

In nowadays\’ society I hardly doubt that any of us regularly meet animals. Kids love animals, and so do most of us. Then why not check them out in the zoo? Pack some sandwiches and get ready for a healthy and interesting walk.

Plant Something

Plant a plant. Disregarding the pun, creating life is something beautiful and the kids just love it. By letting them care for a plant they will also learn to be responsible. Make pictures of the different stages of its life and create an album of it. It will be a lifelong memory.

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