Don’t Travel To These Forbidden Places – You Might As Well Leave These Off Your Bucket List

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It may be hard to imagine that places still exist on Earth that remains unexplored and mysterious. From man-made and guarded structures to natural perplexities that are protected by governments, exotic islands covered in deadly vipers or used as a facade to conceal secretive facilities, and haunted regions that no soul dares to go, the wonderful planet contains them all.

This fascinating list of forbidden places will both intrigue and frighten you. In most cases, you will never get the chance to visit these destinations as both fear and regulations prevent easy access.

1. Lascaux Caves – France

pinterest.comThe Lascaux caves are a complex set of caves lined with prehistoric art dating back to the late Stone Age. The caves were closed to visitors in 1963 and in 1979, it was declared a World Heritage Site.

The reason visitors are no longer allowed inside is because of the outbreaks of fungus and bacteria that have plagued the caves making conditions unsafe. Today, only a couple of people are permitted to enter for a restricted time period to observe conditions inside.

The closest that you will be able to get to these caves is by visiting the replica created because of the conservation issues with the original.

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