18 Ways To Keep Your Children Away From Internet Dangers

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Technology keeps advancing as well as the intelligence of these little toddlers. Many of them have found effective ways to circumvent all the safety precautions and rules you have set to protect them from internet dangers. However, the fact still remains that dangers on the internet are real. Therefore, we must consistently and continually find more intelligent ways to protect our vulnerable children from them. Luckily these monitoring tips should ease your worried parent mind and effectively help you achieve your aim.

1/18. Open surfing

Mother and child at the table with a laptop

They’re kids so you never know what they may be invited to or inclined to click on which may land them in dangerous sites. To avoid this, have the computer in an open area where you can monitor the screen from anywhere you are. So that whether you’re seated on the couch or across the room, your eyes are always peeled, fixed and monitoring against internet dangers.

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