Amazing Nicknames Of The Most Famous Sportspeople

3. Darren McFadden – Run DMC

Darren McFadden
Blogging The Boys

Run DMC? Isn’t that the name of a famous American hip hop group from the 80’s. A lot of fans really dislike this nickname yet it stuck. Also, they agree that it’s better than D-Dawg and the rest of his failed nicknames. Not only has the nickname stuck, but it is really fitting. This is because Darren RUNS in football to make his living, coupled with his full names Darren McFadden. Obviously, Run DMC.

4. Frank Thomas – The Big Hurt

Frank Thomas

Among hitters in the history of Baseball, Frank is one of the most dreaded. He was nicknamed thus because of his famous swings. Frank has so many awards, trophies and championships that it is so hard to keep track. The big hurt can be a deadly monster in the batter’s box so steer clear.

5. Casey Hampton – Big Snack

Casey Hampton
Bleacher Report

Quite formidable isn’t he? Casey is nicknamed thus because no one can stand before him in Baseball. People say he eats quarterbacks as well as running backs. If a man can eat another hefty man, the said hefty man must be a big snack for great Casey. Even 5 nicknames is no match. This nickname is perfect.

6. Joe Jackson – Shoeless

Joe Jackson
Sporting News

Nicknames do stick! You can already guess why Joe is nicknamed shoeless. As a matter of fact, the nickname has been added to his title, like so – Shoeless Joe Jackson. He is one of the greatest hitters in the history of baseball. His nickname was given when he played without shoes during a session. I guess just one action that stick so much that it can define us. Such talent! Unfortunately, Joe has been blacklisted from baseball.

7. LeBron James – King James

LeBron James
Sports Illustrated

All hail his royal highness! James has long been seen as a high school royalty. It wasn’t very hard to predict his future and career. From his second year of high school he entered straight into the NBA. After Jordan, no other player has merited that crown of royalty in basketball. However, James did. He has proven himself and merited the nickname – King James.

8. Maurice Jones-Drew – Pocket Hercules aka Mojo

Maurice Jones-Drew
SB Nation

The Jaguars are proud of this one. Mighty Maurice with 2 nicknames at once. Maurice has proven that he can be a dare devil in the field. Obviously, his physical qualities enables his great tacking skills. He definitely acts like Hercules in the field. Also, the way his opponents miss him during a tackle has earned him his ‘Mojo’ nickname.

9. Wayne Gretzky – The Great One

Wayne Gretzky
Carmen\’s Group

If you came in to beat all your predecessors and became the best at something, chances are always that you’ll be used to describe that thing. This is the case with Wayne. He has become the face of Hockey as the greatest player of professional hockey. Therefore, he has earned the nickname and hockey should be proud to have been played by Wayne.

10. Johnny Manziel – Johnny Football

Johnny Manziel
Yahoo! Sports

To be nicknamed after a sport is a great honor. It means you have taken talent and dedication to the next level. Despite his poor health choices, Johnny is a great football player. Johnny won the Heisman as a freshman which earned him this nickname. As a matter of fact, he has one of the coolest nicknames. I mean ‘football’ – how cool is that?

11. Calvin Johnson – Megatron

Calvin Johnson

It’s hard to come by nicknames like this. So, whenever you meet someone named after a robotic villain, fiction or not, you should fear for your life and take to your heels. Johnson measures 6’5 inches in height and around 236 pounds in weight. Apparently, his nickname alone is scary enough. But, I wonder how scary it will be after he shows up. What a reputation! Every defensive back across the NFL are even careful with Calvin on the field.

12. Charlie Whitehurst – Clipboard Jesus

Charlie Whitehurst
Bleacher Report

Jesus means savior to most. Since Charlie’s career is to be a backup for other players, it makes sense to regard him as a savior. But why Jesus? This is because Charlie has beautiful long hair, beard and lovely white lush skin. And since we’re still talking about the NFL, his saving abilities is limited to the clipboard. Thus – Clipboard Jesus. Nicknames though!

13. Marshawn Lynch – Beast Mode

Marshawn Lynch
SB Nation

Although this nickname has been bastardized, it’s still valid. When you see Lynch on the field, you’ll get to see why he merits the nickname – Beast Mode. The famous NFL player runs and plays like a beast with his gorgeous gap tooth. Therefore, he has earned this nickname which has become a catch phrase for all things beastly, strong, resilient and powerful. Moreover, this nickname best depicts vicious athletic performance and quite unique among sports people’s nicknames.

14. Pablo Sandoval – Kung Fu Panda

Pablo Sandoval

The original kung fu panda is known for his laziness, yet his ability to seamlessly carry his body and perform the best kung fu fighting ever seen. When it’s time to work, he’s completely formidable and doesn’t need as much training and discipline to be awesome. For Pablo to be given such a nickname, he must share similar qualities. Pablo is a talented professional hitter. More so, he carries his body effortlessly while he swings and his weight is definitely not a problem as he hits the ball to victory.

15. Adrian Peterson – All Day

Adrian Peterson
Sports Illustrated

The story behind this nickname is as the name implies. Adrian earned this nickname right from his childhood. As a matter of fact, his father gave him the nickname. According to his father, Adrian was able to run all day as a kid without getting tired or having the need to catch his breath. Thankfully, his father didn’t stop this activity or he wouldn’t have made it into the NFL. Adrian’s team mates usually speak of his tireless sprinting abilities. Adrian has other nicknames such as purple Jesus. He’s also fondly called AP although I don’t see how an acronym can be a nickname.

16. Karl Malone – The Mailman

Karl Malone

Get close when he’s trying to dunk and tomorrow you’re seeing the dentist for an implant. When his team sends him a mail, he definitely delivers into that hoop. There are so many dunkers so to be referred to as ‘The Mailman’, you must be doing something right. Moreover, of all nicknames in the world of sports, it’s really odd to have such a nickname.

17. Matty Ryan – Matty Ice

Matty Ryan
Touchdown Wire – USA Today

This nickname was actually given to Matty by his fellow league members. When he started out, he was a rookie. However, he was admired for his ability to remain calm in spite of extreme pressure. He is said to have ice in his veins, thus the nickname – Matty Ice. This nickname stands out among nicknames.

18. Kobe Bryant – Black Mamba

Kobe Bryant
USA Today\’s FTW

Among the dangerous snakes in the world, the black mamba is one. Having read this, would you still want to go against Kobe? Well, that’s up to you. Of all nicknames, this one is quite scary. Kobe is known to be ferocious especially when it is really warranted. Kobe is an all-time great in the NBA who doesn’t disappoint so you can count on him.

19. Darrelle Revis – Revis Island

Darrelle Revis
Sports Illustrated

Darrelle is such a great defender. While playing defense, you cannot pass his ‘Island’, which is whatever part of the field he occupies during the game. The nickname – Revis Island is well deserved. Friendly advise; if you’re playing against Darrelle, stay away from his island.

20. Randy Johnson – The Big Unit

Randy Johnson
Baseball Hall of Fame

Baseball is already tough enough. I mean, fast balls are hard enough to hit. Baseball players are used to tall pitchers but Randy is hard to adjust to. However, Lanky Randy is 6’10 inches tall and his fast balls are almost impossible to hit. Whenever a hitter shows up and meets Randy, the game is lost before it starts. Randy has definitely earned his nickname. He really is the big unit.


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