17 Game Of Thrones Secrets Every Fan Should Know

3. King Joffrey is a sweetheart

king joffrey is a sweetheart
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Many fans of the game of thrones show hate King Joffrey because he was such a mean king. Well, we’re thankful it’s just a character. Many of the show’s cast reveal that Jack Gleeson, the actor of the King Joffrey role is a sweetheart off set. As a matter of fact, he is praised for his devotion and great execution of the role. We hear he drew inspiration from Gladiator’s character – Emperor Commodus and even mimicked the smirk of the Emperor which he displayed in the game of thrones show.

4. Romance on set could actually be true love

romance on set could actually be true love

Remember Jon Snow and the wildling girl. Well, they got married. Their romance on set was definitely for real. It must have sparked something magical. They are married now and the entire game of thrones cast were in attendance to witness the beautiful event on the 23rd of June, 2018. Congratulations to them.

5. Feel free to learn Dothraki

feel free to learn dothraki

I imagine how thorough the makers of the game of thrones show are. Dothraki has now become a real language that you can learn. David J. Peterson is the linguistic genius who created the Dothraki language for the show. I reckon he was so meticulous with the language and did not leave any phrase or word undone. Go learn Dothraki. You never know.

6. Another friendship story

another friendship story
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You would agree by now that not everything is as it seems. Maisie Williams our beloved vengeful sweetheart who played Arya and Sophie Turner are great friends in real life. Tuner is the girl who played the ignorant Sansa that later gave us all a shock with the way she dealt with Petyr Baelish aka little finger. With the way they fight as siblings on set, it’s hard to imagine that they could be close friends off set. Well, that’s what we see from the photos they share on Instagram.

7. “You know Nothing John Dough”

you know nothing john dough
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These days, it’s hard to differentiate real life from fiction. From feeding our eyes to feeding our stomachs. These dire wolves loaves look absolutely delicious and inviting. Ben Hawkey who played Hot pie in the game of thrones show now owns a real life bakery and delivers these delicious goodness through Deliveroo in London. It costs $1.30 a pop so try some.

8. Sophie Turner is a Dire Wolf lover

sophie turner is a dire wolf lover

Sansa was Turner’s character in the game of thrones show. As you should know by now if you’re a fan, she had a dire wolf. Her dire wolf was later killed in the show. She cried bitterly on screen. I suppose those tears were real. Because, she has adopted the beautiful dire wolf and named it Zunni.

9. From battle for role to battle on screen

from battle for role to battle on screen

Iwan Rheon and Kit Harington actually battled for the role of Jon Snow. The producers reveal that Rheon was to take the role but they eventually casted Harington. Thank goodness for that. Rheon fit so perfectly in his Ramsay Bolton role. It’s hard to imagine him as a Jon Snow. Well, he’s such a great actor so, who knows?

10. Who made the most hated character?

who made the most hated character
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For a second there, we thought King Joffrey. Then, we thought Ramsay Bolton. But, no! Cersei made it! Lena Headey is such a great actor. She definitely metamorphosed in her role. So unpredictable and unrivaled. You never know what wicked act of hers is next. Therefore, she definitely merits the ‘most hated character’ title.

11. Some meat eating characters are strict vegetarians

some meat eating characters are strict vegetarians
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If you’re a vegetarian and you’re worried about the animals and meat in the show. You shouldn’t. Peter Dinklage who played the role of Tyrion Lannister is a Vegetarian. More so, a very strict one at that. He has zero tolerance for animal cruelty so if you caught him eating meat on screen, it’s definitely fake meat. So don’t worry, the animals are safe.

12. Whose faces make up the hall of faces?

whose faces make up the hall of faces

Have you ever stopped to wonder where all the faces in the hall of faces came from? Well, producers tell us that it’s they had to use the faces of the game of thrones production crew members. They further had to make lots of copies of those faces to fill up the hall of faces.

13. Not everything is fictional

not everything is fictional

Pig’s shit aka wildfire is green on screen alright. What you didn’t know is that it was green in real life. We’re told that the glowing effect you see on screen shone as it were in real life. Eugene Simon reveals that a chemical was added to the fire to make the color green. Of course the people on fire were fictional but the color of the fire itself is not.

14. Jon Snow had a double

jon snow had a double

In 2012, Kit Harington who plays Jon Snow in the game of thrones show broke his ankle in an incident. He was locked out of his apartment building in London. He fell off while trying to climb into his apartment window and developed a knee injury. This was a very stressful time for the filming crew. They had to find him a double to wear a wig and play some of his roles that required more physical activity.

15. Cersei also had a double

cersei also had a double
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Did you really think Lena Headey performed the walk of shame in game of thrones? No she did not. She had a body double and her face was animated to the body in post production. Well, she would have performed the walk, it’s actually no big deal. However, she was pregnant at the time so, the filming crew had to use someone else in her stead.

16. Sean Bean is a great athlete

sean bean is a great athlete

Don’t you agree? Sean Bean played the good and humble Ned Stark. Remember he was beheaded by King Joffrey. Well, we are told that as soon as his character was killed, Bean used his replica head for sport as a football. It’s so unfortunate that his character had to die so soon. Well, if you’re a fan of the game of thrones show, you should know that it’s hard for a honest and noble man to be part of the dirty game of the fight to sit on the iron chair.

17. The Jon Snow advantage

Episode 5 "Kill The Boy"
The Indian Express

Here’s a funny story. Kit Harington who played the Jon Snow role in game of thrones was caught speeding. The officer asked him to spill the secret of whether he’d be alive in the next season or drive all the way to the station to get booked. Harington therefore, spilled the beans and was sent on his way. Amazing! What fans of the show would do for a little spoiler.


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