Some Practical And Genius Home Decor Hacks Everyone Should Know About

    No matter how big or small your living space is, making good use of that space to decorate beautifully can be nerve racking. More so, moving into a used living space may leave you more confused or eat deep into your pockets. However, there’s a way out for you so no worries. These home decor hacks are budget friendly, space friendly and landlord friendly.

    1/20. Embellish your furniture

    Mad in Crafts

    If you have a piece of furniture, maybe a storage table, try using some upholstery nails to embellish it. This will certainly make your home look more expensive. This is one of the home decor hacks that are widely used. You can also use this to revive an old furniture you bought at a garage sale. Fortunately, these upholstery nails come in silver, brass etc so lots of choices for you.

    2/20. Fabric-covered Lampshades

    fabric-covered lampshade

    Get a piece of beautiful fabric – maybe from an old bedding or old dress or scarf. Then, use some glue to attach it neatly to your lampshade. Furthermore, you can change fabrics from time to time so that it looks like you bought a new lamp every time and you’ll never get bored with your home. Because, just having a basic lampshade sit there is boring. You can get creative with your lampshade with these home decor hacks and match the fabric whenever you change decor. More so, it will give your home an exotic and expensive look.

    3/20. Kitchen-inspired flower vases


    Some old furniture or utensil can be assigned a new purpose. I’ll show you some home decor hacks for things like your kitchenware for example. If you have an old teapot, an old glass jug or silver pot, turn them into flower vases. Furthermore, you can have multiple flower vases – no crime in that. This way, every turn in your house is decorated with nature.

    4/20. Washi tape possibilities

    washi tape
    Me and my BIG Ideas shop

    The possibilities of washi tape are endless. More so, there could never be a complete list of home decor hacks without the inclusion of washi tape. Washi tape works for almost everything such as – decorating your walls, embellishing furnitures and tableware, beautifying your frames, lampshades, flower vases – the list is endless. Just go buy some – they’re cheap!

    5/20. Fabric-lined Tray

    Tattooed Martha

    The power of an old fabric for home decor hacks. I guarantee that after reading this article, many of you may think twice before throwing out an old fabric. Get a piece of scissors and cut out a sized piece of fabric and glue it to the insides of your tray to give it an exotic presence. You can also mix different fabric to make like a fabric collage or go crazy with it depending on your taste.

    6/20. Floating shelf

    floating shelf

    This one’s pretty easy – or maybe not. Well, all you’ll need is a can of spray paint for the wood, something to drill some holes, a rope and wall hangers or maybe just simply some nails to hold-fast the wood to the wall. You may use it as a platform for your flower vase, or any other thing you deem worthy for that spot.

    7/20.Customized wallpaper

    customized wall paper

    Cut up a piece of cardboard, and draw some shapes on the wall. These wallpaper home decor hacks are great of you can’t afford beautifully patterned wallpaper or maybe you just want to create your own exotic pattern.

    8/20. Fabric-padded coffee table

    fabric padded coffee table

    If you have a wretched coffee table, don’t throw it out just yet. Every piece of furniture is vital with the right hack. All you’ll need is a matching color spray paint for the legs, an old bedding, duvet or blanket and some upholster nails. Decorate it to taste and your home will look like a small palace. You can also apply the same fabric home decor hacks logic in decorating your knock-off bench.

    9/20. Bookshelves made from crates

    crates bookshelf

    All those crates lying around without use can effectively serve as bookshelves. All you’ll need to do is paint over them, stack them, nail them together and begin storing your books. You can do something a bit extra too if you’re feeling inspired.

    10/20. Lampshade embellishing

    lampshade glitter embellishing
    Cut Out Keep

    More home decor hacks for your lampshade – glitter embellishing. It’s not very complicated. Get some glitter and glitter glue and embellish the insides of your lamp shade. As a result, you’ll get a reflective light effect. More so, it’ll add some coolness, beauty as well as an expensive and exotic look to your home.

    11/20. Fabric-inspired canvas art

    fabric canvas art

    If your wall is bare and lacks some decor and vigor, get that old fabric or bedding out and get to work. One of the things you’ll need is a base and it musn’t be wood if you can’t access some. More so, you’ll be needing some upholster nails and maybe some glue. Remember to cover the base completely so all you have showing is your fabric canvas. Hit a loose nail in the wall and just hang it there. Simple! Furthermore, you can mess around with some water colors – mess up a plain piece of fabric with a mix of colors – it’s art! More so, you can frame the fabric or a wallpaper and hang it up.

    12/20. Half-painted walls

    Half-painted walls

    If your home lacks depth or space, all you need are cool home decor hacks to create an illusion. That being said, when you have low ceilings in your home, there’s a way to fix that. Well, not to fix exactly but creating an illusion of a high ceiling. To achieve this, paint your walls half-way but make sure the lower portion is larger.

    13/20. Long lasting shower rails


    When you use metal rings to hold your shower curtains, they tend to rust easily. What you can do instead is use bows. It not only looks cool but it’s equally long lasting. Try these bow-inspired home decor hacks.

    14/20. Perforated lampshade

    Perforated lampshade
    Inspiration SiteI Jus Love My Home

    We may never run out of lamp shade home decor hacks. I like to say lamp shade is everything and depending on where they’re set, the decor makes a difference. Another thing you can do with your lampshade is poke holes in them to create any kind of starry effect you like. This one offers you plenty opportunities to be creative.

    15/20. Removable fabric wallpaper

    Removable fabric wallpaper

    Speaking of walls, more home decor hacks for you. I think we may call this one ‘wallfabric’. If you have fabric lying around and no money for wallpaper, you can put those fabric to good use. More so, you can mix various patterns and create a collage decor on your wall. How is this done? Well, just mix cornstarch with some water to make a paste then use it to hold the fabric to your wall. It’s easily removable too so no worries.

    16/20. Paint the floors

    painted floor

    Did you know you could do this? These floor home decor hacks are for vinyl or laminate floors in the kitchen or bathroom. They usually don’t look so good especially if you’re renting a tired apartment. No worries though, just paint over them. This is useful especially if you can’t afford to change them.

    17/20. Fabric-covered window blinds

    Fabric-covered window blinds

    Did I mention that we’ll never run out of fabric ideas? Fabric is so essential especially for DIY home decor hacks. Now to the point, if you have a boring window blind or you just want to change the outlook or match to new furniture, you may not need to change your blind completely. All you need to do is get some fabric and glue and get creative with that blind.

    18/20. Tape frames

    Tape frames

    Tape can serve you a lot of decorative purposes. So many home decor hacks exists for the use of tape. If picture frames are on the high side for you, just use tape to create an illusion of a picture frame. Glue your pictures on the wall and then tape some beautiful frames around them.

    19/20. Tile sheets

    Tile sheets

    Renting can be an unpleasant experience if everywhere looks old and dirty especially the bathroom or kitchen tiled walls. However, instead of replacing the tiles, just buy some tile sheets, strip them and apply. You can also use tile strips on walls in other areas of the apartment to jolts your living space.

    20/20. Contact paper hacks


    So many home decor hacks to accommodate your contact paper. You can use contact paper for your kitchen cabinet, backsplash and countertop. They come in different styles and patterns and will give your home that immediate jolster.


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