Pour Some Washing Powder Into Your Toilet Bowl And See What Happens

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Cleaning the toilet is frequently rated as the most unpleasant and filthy household task. Because of this, clean-up becomes increasingly challenging and is often postponed. Sometimes, however, even if you clean your toilet bowl, it may still not smell fresh or look totally clean.

Don’t you worry, we have a fantastic remedy for it!

Toilet Powder

You can quickly clean your toilet bowl with detergent and restore its pleasant smell. Just simple washing powder will do. It’s crucial to substitute granular washing powder for pure detergent.

What do you need to do?

Take a bowl and put a large amount of washing powder in it. You can use your favourite scent to make it smell the best. Then pour the washing powder completely into the toilet bowl and spread it on the surface.

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Washing powder

Now, it is important that you soak the washing powder in the water for about half an hour. In the meantime, you can go shopping or watch an episode of your favourite show and return to the most important part of the cleaning process after 30 minutes.

It’s time to move on to the most crucial portion now that you’re back at work and the washing powder has dissolved. With the toilet brush and the wet washing powder, scrub the toilet bowl thoroughly.

It is critical to rub well first before flushing. After flushing it, the toilet should be completely clean. You will see the amazing outcome right away: a toilet that is spotless smells terrific and looks brand new.


There’s no need to spend a lot of money on cleaning supplies when a bowl of washing powder would do the job much better. So what are you still waiting for? You too can try it!

After using washing powder to clean the toilet bowl, you may want to look at these tips on the next page.


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