The Female Soldier Gets On The Plane, Then The Stranger Tells Her To Get Up

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On the way home for Christmas

Departure area

She was going home to spend the holiday with her family. Being so far away from home, she had to put on a brave face to serve her country. She had really missed her family. Flights can be overwhelming and very stressful experiences as there usually isn’t much room for comfort. Despite this, it is still the most effective way to travel Jessica thought. But there was something different about this flight.

Considering the cost

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An economy ticket was cheaper and less comfortable but Jessica didn’t mind. Now, let’s admit it, who does not dream of a more comfortable journey? Unfortunately, economy seats are much cheaper than business class and first class. Jessica knew that it was like that, but it didn’t bother her that much. She wanted to go home. The flight was overbooked and tight and there were eyes on her.

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