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You may find it very annoying when you choose a towel that you have washed recently, after you take a good shower and go to dry, you will notice that the towel is rough. It’s actually like you’re rubbing yourself dry, the towel makes those scratches. Like sandpaper for wallpaper! So why do towels become stiff and softness fades quickly? It has to do with the soap used to wash clothes and the scales on our skin


But there is an easy way to fix this

hard water

Other than soap and scrubs, there are minerals in the water we use that also cause our towels to dry naturally very quickly. This is a pity, because after a shower you are refreshed, and what we want most is to complement it with a clean towel to dry ourselves off easily. However, you don’t need to throw away all those stiff, scratchy towels you’ve been keeping around, as there is a fairly easy way to get your towels back that doesn’t feel like a cheese grater.


At first, it’s generally best to wash towels in hot water. If we do this, we will remove the soap, which is not usually consumed completely, and it will also erase the scales that stick to our skin. You might consider using fabric softener and think it will make your towels soft again (that’s what the product says about itself), but we don’t recommend it. If you observe the packaging carefully, you will realize that softeners contain a lot of chemicals that are not good at all, in fact, many of these products can be harmful to health.

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So if you want your towels to get their softness back, better try something different, and what’s better than something you might have at home? On the next page, you will find what you need through this technique

The only thing you will use for this is some ammonia and vinegar! Vinegar is definitely magical: it’s good for so many different things and it’s all-natural

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