What does the shape of your nose reveal about your personality?



    The nose: We all have it, yet each of them differs in its own characteristics like shape and form. Some people hate the shape of their nose so much that they go under the knife to have it carved into another desired shape. Thanks to Plastic Surgeons who have been making this possible. Some people on the other hand do not care about the shape of their nose as long as it functions effectively.

    It may sound strange, but according to some studies, the shape of the nose can say a lot about one’s personality. This is claimed by scientists from Ben-Gurion University in Israel. The results of the study have recently been published and it carries a lot of eye-opening and interesting facts but we won’t let you go through the stress of reading the entire paper which is why we have decided to list them below in a clear and orderly manner. Take a good look in the mirror and then take a look at the photo below. What shape is your nose? Do you think the description on the next page is correct? Tell us what you think!

    1. Nubian nose: This type of nose is associated with creative and interesting people. They are optimistic and have an open mind. They are very sociable and are often surrounded by interesting groups of friends.
    2. Greek Nose: People with a Greek nose are a little more closed off. Sometimes, they have a hard time showing their emotions and don’t like being the center of attention. They are loyal people, who can always be counted on, and have a rather pragmatic outlook on life.
    3. Hooked nose: This type of nose has a (slight) bulge in the middle. People with this nose are very ambitious and dedicated to their goals. They often have strong beliefs and principles that they would defend against everything.
    4. Nose of Orli: People with this nose are determined and well organized. They often think about their career and professional success, which is often a priority over everything else. They are intelligent and do not give up until they achieve what they want, both in professional and private life.

    5. Nose up: People with this nose form are often considered joyful, enthusiastic, impulsive and spontaneous people. They are often highly sought after too because their lively personalities attract many admirers. Compared to other people, they often have a strong instinct that guides them in their decisions.
    6. Simple Nose: People with such a shaped nose have strong personalities and are very confident people. They are always themselves, regardless of the situation in which they find themselves, and they are people who are confident in themselves and their abilities. For this reason, it is not easy to move them.
    7. Roman nose: These people are very sensitive and have a highly developed emotional life. They are very empathetic and always available to other people. Sometimes, for this very reason, they forget about themselves.
    8. Crooked nose: People with this nose are stable, and loyal people who are good listeners. They are very pragmatic and you can always count on them.

    What do you think of this article? Leave us a comment and share with us if your nose or personality matches any of those we have described or perhaps you have made other discoveries!

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