How Your Fist Form reveals significant information about you.

    People make fists for various reasons—sometimes to threaten, sometimes with joy, and occasionally as part of a dance movement. But did you know that the way people form their fists can tell us something about their personalities? Because although we control our mind, sometimes our subconscious mind controls us in a way that we do not feel. Sometimes we act in ways that reveal our personality without realizing it

    fist forming

    The way you create a fist might give away your personality, much like the shape of your feet, mouth, or fingers. Are you interested in learning what your fist has to say about you?

    three fist types

    Take a deep breath, relax and close your eyes then create one right now and contrast it with the images below. We will explain what each shape signifies


    open heart fist

    1. Open heart fist

    When your thumb rests against your index finger in a fist, you probably have a kind and generous spirit. On the other hand, your generosity makes you vulnerable to those who would take advantage of you.

    If someone were to use your personality against you, use that situation as an opportunity for personal growth. Reaching this goal will be easy for you—it\’s simply within your nature to grow and learn from new experiences.

    charmed fist

    2. Charmer\’s Fist

    Do you prefer to cover your thumb with your fingers when you make a fist to protect it? then you have a lovely and amusing personality. You are attractive to others, and they like being around you. You are so calm that nothing seems to faze you, even when other people around you get upset or angry.

    You are a very empathetic person, but you must guard against allowing other people\’s problems to overwhelm you. You have a talent for appreciating the simple, beautiful things in life. You are drawn to serenity and peace of mind.

    Does your thumb cover several of your fingers when you make a fist? Find out what that says about your personality on the next page.

    creative fist

    3. Creative fist

    You are likely an introvert if you clench your fist with your thumb inside all the fingers. Introverts tend to enjoy spending time by themselves and often keep their thoughts or feelings private.

    You are willing to spend money on a company you believe in. You are innovative, coming up with new ideas that others don\’t think of. You are most likely to connect with people who share your values. You can be a very empathetic person.

    a young person drawing

    You are not the type who takes center stage and speaks constantly. You prefer to listen to others, so you can show them empathy when they need it most. You are not a fan of people who brag or boast about themselves. You dislike drama and gossiping as well—and when someone causes trouble for you, you will make it clear to them that their actions were unacceptable. You are friendly, confident, and expressive. Your friends appreciate your candor.

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