20 Charming Children’s Valentine’s Day Outfits And Accessories

    Valentine\’s Day isn\’t just for couples. This day is to give everyone a special day to celebrate the love between people in any kind of relationship or friendship. Moms and daughters, best friends, man and wife, cousin and aunt. Everyone deserves a little love! Especially, the children in our lives. And what better way to show your kids how much you love them than to dress them up in adorable children\’s Valentine\’s Day clothes! Here\’s a list of the most adorable children\’s Valentine\’s Day clothes that we could find to inspire you this Valentine\’s Day.

    1/20 Heart Dresses

    Heart Dress
    Mia Belle Baby

    For girls on Valentine\’s Day, you can\’t go wrong with the traditional heart dress. Young girls love any excuse to dress up and feel like a grown up. On Valentine\’s Day, a simple red dress covered in hearts paired with a red hat or shoes is a sure way to make your little girl look adorable and feel like a Valentine\’s Day queen!

    2/20 Love Leggings

    Valentine\'s Leggings For Kids

    Keep your cutie comfy on Valentine\’s Day with a pair of kissy lip or heart leggings. If your little one is more of a tomboy or wild child and likes to stay away from the more girly dresses, the leggings might be the perfect option for festive Valentine\’s Day wear. You can find these leggings at most stores that carry children\’s Valentine\’s Day clothes or get creative and design a pair of your own! 

    3/20 Creative Kids

    Valentine\'s Headbands
    Babiekins Magazine

    Get crafty on Valentine\’s Day with a DIY headband. There are TONS of different ideas out there from headbands made from candy to feathers, jewels, beads, and so much more! Help your little one get creative on Valentine\’s Day with these fun homemade headband ideas.

    4/20 Mommy Daughter Match-Up

    Matching Valentine\'s Outfits

    To really get your kids excited for Valentine\’s Day, trying fun matching outfits! Leggings, tutus, t-shirts, oh my! These matching children\’s Valentine\’s Day clothes are the perfect way to have some fun as a family and get in the holiday spirit. 

    5/20 So Punny

    Valentine\'s Puns T-Shirts
    Make It And Love It

    Make Valentine\’s Day punny with these pun filled children\’s V-Day clothes. What says “I love you” more than this adorable “olive you” infant onsie. Nothing livens the mood like a fun play on words. And let\’s be honest, the best puns are always food related. 

    6/20 Momma\’s Boy

    Momma\'s Boy Valentine\'s Shirts

    Sorry ladies, this momma\’s boy is taken for Valentine\’s Day. Dress your cutie up in these cute “mommma\’s boy” Valentine\’s Day clothes while you still can! While your little one is still willing to wear displays of affection on his shirt, dress him in this tee that makes everyone feel the love! 

    7/20 Sibling Shirts

    Sibling Shirts For Valentine\'s Day

    Dress your daughter son duo in these adorable “little miss, little man” tees. You can make these at home with plain white or red trimmed tees and felt mustaches, eyelashes, and letters from your local craft store. Make sure to take plenty of pictures of your little ones in these bro/sis outfits.

    8/20 Heart Glasses

    Kid\'s Heart Glasses

    Nothing says ladies man like….heart glasses. Nothing completes any Valentine\’s Day outfit like a pair of these bad boys. And let\’s be honest, do we ever get too old for a cute pair of heart glasses? You can make a pair of your own at home or buy them from the store ready to go. 

    9/20 DIY Onesie

    DIY Valentine\'s Day Onesie
    The Chirping Moms

    This infant onesie is sure to be a hit at your Valentine\’s Day festivities. And the best part, you can make this one at home! You can take a onesie that you already have and apply a Valentine\’s Day inspired fabric tie applique. Your little one is sure to be the most chipper and cheery in this onesie made with love.

    10/20 Valentine Totes

    DIY Valentine\'s Day Tote
    Cool Mom Picks

    No outfit is complete without the perfect bag. And what better way to have the perfect bag than to make it yourself! We love this DIY Valentine\’s accessory. With so many options and so much fun to make, all you need is some plain canvas tote bags, non-toxic paint/paint markers, and some love inspired stencils! The best part is, you can use these bags after Valentine\’s Day at the grocery store. 

    11/20 DIY Bracelets

    DIY Valentine\'s Bracelets
    Moms and Crafters

    Bracelets are a necessary part of a young girl\’s wardrobe, and making them is half the fun. Valentine\’s Day is just another reason to pull out the craft kit and whip up a fun Vday bracelet. Start with twine and decorate plain, square beads with hearts or kissy lips for unique (or matching!) Valentine\’s Day bracelets. 

    12/20 VDay Masks

    DIY Valentine\'s Masks
    Chirping Moms

    For those of you that like to get a little funky on Valentine\’s Day, get down with these homemade lovebug Valentine\’s Day masks. Perfect for boys and girls and the cherry on top of any outfit, these fun masks are the perfect way to keep your little ones entertained and in the Valentine\’s spirit. 

    13/20 Heart Necklaces

    DIY Valentine\'s Necklace
    The Mama Notes

    Complete your little one\’s Valentine\’s Day outfit with a charming heart necklace. Buy one at your local market or get creative with beads and paper hearts and make one yourself! Either way, your little one is sure to enjoy and love showing off the Valentine\’s classic.

    14/20 Silly Socks

    Valentine\'s Socks

    Keep those toes warm (and cute!) with fuzzy, fluffy, frilly Valentine\’s Day socks. Everybody needs a nice pair of socks to keep them comfortable throughout the holiday, so why not make them the cutest part of the outfit? Look for versions in blue for a little boy. 

    15/20 Valentine\’s Beanie

    Valentine\'s Beanie

    Keep your babies precious noggin warm and protected with a beautifully woven Valentine\’s Day beanie. Perfect for any little boy or girl, a soft wool beanie with hearts is a great addition for any Valentine\’s Day photoshoot. 

    16/20 Baby Bow Tie

    Valentine\'s Bow Tie
    Noah\’s Boytique

    This baby boy is all smiles in this adorable Valentine\’s Day get-up. Complete with bow tie and suspenders, you really can\’t go wrong! Keep it simple and comfortable, but stylish for your little one with this classic look.

    17/20 Tie Dye

    Valentine\'s Tie Dye Shirt
    Tip Junkie

    We think you should totally go tie dye for Valentine\’s Day. This is another fun DIY project that you can do at home with your kids and their friends that will produce totally unique, fun love inspired Valentine\’s gear! Let\’s be honest, do you really need an excuse to tie dye?

    18/20 Suit And Tie

    Valentine\'s Kid\'s Suit And Tie
    Outfit Trends

    Looking for a fancier Valentine\’s Day ensemble? Try this vest and bow tie combo with a pair of jeans. This look is guaranteed to turn heads and make the ladies swoon. This is the perfect look for a day out on the town or an adorable photoshoot. You can find the perfect vest and tie at your local marketplace. 

    19/20 Tutu Cute

    Valentine\'s Tutu

    You might as well go all out for a festive photoshoot while your youngster is still willing to participate. Well, we\’ve got the tips and tricks on exactly how to do that. First, pink frilly tutu. Second, big red bow. And third, sequin top! Throw in some fun props and you\’ve got the perfect recipe for the perfect VDay pictures. 

    20/20 Killer Kicks

    Valentine\'s Day Shoes

    Last, but certainly not least…shoes! Everyone needs a comfy, functional, stylish pair of shoes for Valentine\’s Day, especially if you\’re a rough housing, candy hunting kid! Whether it be sandals, tennis shoes, boots, hearts, candies, or kissy lips, everyone needs the perfect pair of kicks to top of their Valentine\’s Day outfit.


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