These Kids of Celebrities Are All Grown Up – Here’s What They Look Like

    Whenever celebrities bring children into our world, they immediately gain the spotlight. However, some kids of celebrities gained their popularity on negative reputation of their parents. Many are doing well while others are not. Notwithstanding, they all look good and ravishing. Here are some celebrities’ kids and what they currently look like.

    1. Ava Sambora


    Ava is a daddy’s sweetheart born to former actress – Heather Locklear and renowned musician – Richie Sambora. Ava has grown to be a beautiful young woman. This is no surprise however, since both parents are super charming. Not only is Ava beautiful, but she has made something good out of her life. She has defied the bad reputation of her mother and has blossomed into a successful, intelligent and phenomenal actress and model.

    2. Frances Bean Cobain

    frances bean cobain

    Gaining popularity from birth doesn’t sound like a bad idea unless it stems from negative reports. Frances is the only daughter of Kurt Cobain – a famous guitarist and Courtney love – a singer. What a musical combination. Frances’ dad committed suicide leaving her with a networth of $170 million. Her mom continues to struggle with drug problems and have been denied access to Frances.

    3. Hailie Jade Scott Mathers

    Eminem\'s Daughter Hailie

    You might not have seen her before, as Eminem tried to hide her from the spotlight, but the importance of Hailie was clear, given that her father mentions her name in many of his songs. She was born in 1995 from his high school girlfriend and later wife Kimberley Anne Scott. Even though she was kept away from the spotlight she now has a lot of instagram followers.

    4. John Owen Lowe


    Looking at this picture, I can’t help but say that Rob Lowe has successfully duplicated himself. Among all kids of celebrities, John is an exact replica of his dad. Moe so, he did not stop at looks, he has also followed in the footsteps of his dad and has kicked off a thriving acting career. He is the proud son of hollywood actors – Rob Lowe and Sheryl Berkoff.

    5. Sosie Bacon


    Unlike other kids of celebrities, Sosie’s parents were adamant about her pursuing an acting career. So much that directors of movie projects would sign something of a treaty negotiation agreeing not to interfere with Sosie’s studies. Well, now she’s grown and able to decide on her own. She has become very successful in the acting industry. She is delightful daughter born to nollywood actors; Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick.

    6. Ireland Baldwin

    ireland baldwin

    This family is not only full of kids of celebrities, but apparently full of beautiful successful models. Ireland Baldwin is an actress and model born to Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger. She has an outgoing personality definitely loves sharing controversial photos on her social media. She also loves tattoos and never hesitates to share photos of them.

    7. Annie Guest

    annie guest

    Born or adopted, it still feels good being a celebrity’s kid. We wouldn’t mind being kids of celebrities at all. Annie is an adopted child to Jamie Lee Curtis. She quickly became her mother’s companion and accompanies to almost every prestigious gathering. However, Annie leads a low-key lifestyle but has successfully launched a thriving dance career as a dance instructor.

    8. Colin Hanks

    colin hanks

    These kids are celebrities are simply amazing. Colin is no different. He has inherited good looks as well as stardom from his father Tom Hanks. He has starred in famous movies and continues to make hollywood appearances in movies, and tv shows.

    9. Ava Phillippe


    What do we know about her? Well, she’s the daughter of the famous Reese Witherspoon, a perfectly sized funny and energetic actress. Her father is none other than Ryan Phillippe. In spite of her parents divorce, Ava has grown, blossomed and is now a successful actress.

    10. Gia Mantegna

    gia mantegna

    Gia is known as one of most beautiful actresses in nollywood. She is the daughter of Joe Mantegna – a famous actor and restaurant owner. These kids of celebrities never hesitate in following the footsteps of their celebrity parents.

    11. Bella Hadid


    Bella is an american supermodel. If you’ve watched ‘The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’, you should know her mother – Yolanda Foster Hadid. Bella unlike the other kids of celebrities did not pursue a career in the film industry but in the modelling industry.

    12. Dominik Cristina Garcia-Lorido


    Dominik is the beautiful star child born to Maria Victoria “Marivi” Lorido and actor-director Andy García. She is the first of four of their children which are all successful by the way. Dominik has stormed the movie industry and has carved out a spot for her legacy.

    13. Corinne Foxx

    corinne foxx

    Oh my world! It’s hard to believe that Jamie Foxx could produce such a gem. Corinne is beyond beautiful. Asides from her looks, she’s as talented as her father or even more talented. She bagged her degree before debuting in any film which speaks volume of good parenting on Jamie’s part. She’s also starring in movies with her dad so watch out for this one.

    14. Alexa Ray Joel

    alexa ray joel

    Most kids of celebrities don’t fall too far from their parent’s career. Alexa is the beautiful daughter of singer-songwriter and piano player Billy Joel and model Christie Brinkley. She followed completely after her father and is now a singer-songwriter and piano player as well.

    15. Francesca Eastwood


    Socialite, model, actress and television personality, Francesca has really achieved it all. Her parents are famous actor, Clint Eastwood, and beautiful actress, Frances Fisher. She has taken on various acting roles. She must be a proud carrier of the family tradition.

    16. Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson

    paris jackson

    Of all the kids of celebrities, Paris should be everyone’s favorite. Particularly because her dad Michael Jackson is nothing short of a legend. Ironically, she leads a quiet lifestyle and has successfully avoided the spotlight. She has no desire of following in her father’s footsteps and becoming a great popstar. However, she has utmost respect for her dad and has made several public appearances in honor of him.


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