20 Fascinating Felines

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Cats are man\’s best friend. That\’s how that saying goes…right? Well, whatever the case, we can all agree that cats are an interesting and diverse animal. According to the International Cat Association (the largest genetic registry of pedigreed cats), there are 71 breeds of domesticated cats. On top of that, you have their approximately 38 wild cousins, the big cats. We did some digging and want to share want we could find on the 20 most fascinating cats, big or small.

1/20 Lykoi

The Happy Cat Site

Nicknamed the “werewolf cat” after it\’s striking facial appearances and eyes, you won\’t find this funny feline howling at the moon or feasting on human flesh. This cat is rather “patchy” in that it typically only has hair in sparse patches throughout the body and face. Lykoi cats have only joined the International Cat Association in recent years. The first Lykoi kittens were born in Tennessee in 2011. The cats are said to be playful, loving, and intelligent.

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